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Attitudes and Behaviour of Traditional Students versus Learners

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Students in a regular college set-up display the following traits:

  • Study to pass exams
  • Passively accept and memorize ideas from others
  • Complete assignments to fulfill teacher’s diktats or syllabi requirements
  • See course as means to getting a degree
  • Goal: Good grades

On the other hand, learners in a training program organized by CTSD :

  • Internalize concepts to be successful
  • Are aware of their roles
  • Use assignments to practice and improve skills
  • See course as opportunity to enhance success
  • Goal: mastering Knowledge & Skills to succeed in the chosen field

Industry Training is defined as a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviors to enhance the performance of individuals at their immediate workplace.

At CTSD , through interactive training modules and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide an excellent platform to provide training for multiple functions on a wide range of arenas to both students and industry professionals.

We aim to support the effectiveness of the individuals by acting as a central point of contact to help Pharmacy students and professionals to pursue a bright future. We also provide focused training (3-4 days) at the Industrial site , R&D or Production sites in various aspects of Regulatory Affairs, Technical Documentation, GMP and GLP. We have handled projects and organized many workshops, seminars, trainings for candidates.

We provide Class room (Hands-on) training for Pharmacists, Regulatory Affairs/QA professionals, Freshers in various organization/institutes on various aspects as per their requirements.

Our courses/training programmed are customized to suit practical requirements of various departments like Analytical, Formulation, Production, Documentation, QA, RA etc.

We cover many such practical topics that find utility in industry channels and day-to-day working environment of the corporate offices. These courses will equip both students and professionals with practical knowledge and enrich them with technical expertise that will help them be more productive and resourceful in their respective roles and responsibilities.

CTSD is Center of Training & Skill Development is a good brand, Which studies the attitude and behavior of the pharmacy student and make them capable for facing interview & working in the pharma industry.