Training and development is a lifelong process, more so in the pharma industry where loads of new information is available almost daily. The representative has to be knowledgeable about the products he is promoting. Hence training becomes an integral part of his success strategy. We at CTSD can tailor make training schedules for companies depending upon their product mix and vision. Pharmaceutical Industrial Training is mandatory for every student who finished their 3rd year.

If you are planning to make a successful career with a high salary, undoubtedly pharmacy is the best option. There is no denying the fact the job opportunities in this field is rising at a sharp rate and the reason behind this is quite simple; it offers a great salary top the employees. But to earn the money as per your expectation in pharma field, it crucial to make yourself capable enough that you understand each and every fact related to it. Now the question is ‘how’. How can you build necessary skills? How can become expert? The answer to this question is very simple; relevant pharma training in India.

But you need to enroll yourself in the professional pharmacy training and learn the essential skills that can make you able to perform the tasks effectively. You need to work under the supervision of the best Pharma training services. In order to meet your this requirement, we, at CTSD India, are available with the professional and most reliable pharmaceutical training courses in India that are delivered by the well experienced.

Why One Should Enroll In Our Pharmacy Training?

Effective pharma training is very important for better Career prospects and a higher salary. It is not compulsory to become a master and to get any kind of formal education for working in a pharmacy. And our agency is fulfilling this need very well. Our professional training services allows you to get many lucrative benefits, such as better salary and career opportunities, and allows you to work in another state pharmacy, if he/she plans to move to another state from one state.
We feel proud to announce that our pharmaceutical trainings in India is wise decision to become a pharmacy technician It is a very smart investment of your time and for your future. You are venturing into the healthcare field which can let you have a financially and emotionally rewarding career. Although there are some significant gains to this career choice, getting the training is something that will take hard work and devotion.

Essential traits For a Pharmacy Expert:

Not all individuals can work as a pharmacy professional. There are several skills needed to get a job in this position. The following are the crucialtraits you must have to qualify for this position:

  1. A team player
  2. Mentally alert
  3. Highly organized
  4. Physically fit
  5. Kind with the health care necessities of the patients
  6. Able to communicate with different types of people

How to work as a pharmacy tech?

Job opportunities are great if you have acquired our relevant pharma training services. If you are actually curious to pursue a career in this field, you should have an experience in this area. You should develop your written and verbal communication skills. Your mathematics skills should be strong enough for pharmacy computations. It is also ideal to obtain health related courses.

  1. Knowing perfectly the duties required
  2. Receiving prescription requests
  3. Counting bottles
  4. Labeling bottles

The focus of the lectures will be on the following topics:

  1. USFDA Regulations,
  2. International Laws,
  3. DMF and ANDA Submissions,
  4. I.P.R., Patents,
  5. BA&BE Studies,
  6. Pre-clinical & Clinical Studies,
  7. SOPs,
  8. Industrial Safety,
  9. Pollution & Environmental Aspects,
  10. Unit Operations & Common reactions in API Manufacture,
  11. Validation & Stability Studies,
  12. Particle size analysis,
  13. Bulk Density, Impurities,
  14. Design & Layout of Pharma Industry,
  15. Process Chemistry of Bulk drug Industry,
  16. Air Handling & water Systems,
  17. Internal Audits,
  18. GMP,
  19. cGMP,
  20. ICH Guidelines,

Minimum Eligibility

Minimum Eligibility Criteria For Application To The Course Would Be Either Of The Following:

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Master of Pharmacy
  3. Bachelor of Biotechnology
  4. Master of Biotechnology
  5. Pharm.D

How to Apply for Industrial Training?

Some colleges are linked to some industries to which the students are forwarded. But, most don't. And it is the duty of the student to look for an industry and apply for the training.

Documents Needed

  1. College ID card
  2. A Reference letter from the principal of the college
  3. A Resume with all necessary details in it.
  4. Passport size photographs [the industry will issue an ID card with the photos


Certificate will be provided for this Course on successful completion of Assignments & Projects. Certificate would be awarded at the end of the program by Elfin Drugs pvt. Ltd.


  1. Take notes of what the staff, guide has to say P.S. Industry is way different than what you study in books.
  2. Ask any doubt that strikes your mind
  3. Wear formal dress
  4. Take necessary precautions as the guide suggests you - Face masks, Hair masks, Respirators are to be used in the production block.


  1. Do not try to mess up with the production or anything without the supervision of the trainer, trust me its way too expensive! 
  2. Do not try to get a fake certificate from any industry. Some people sell the certificates without undergoing even one day of training. It might be attractive, but you will be at a loss at last.