Microbiology Training

Microbiology Training

Microbial testing is important in many industries worldwide like water, food, detergents, pharma and cosmetics, where human health is at risk of being adversely affected by disease-causing microorganisms.

The microbiological investigation is necessary and required to detect contamination, maintain high quality standards and to ensure safety and efficacy of the products.

The Center of Training and Skill Development, Mohali provides Microbiology summer/winter training to Life sciences students.

This is an industry oriented program to provide a thorough knowledge on the test methods and precautions to be taken for carrying out microbiological test of various samples.

The trainee practices solid and liquid media preparation, identification of different microorganisms, their isolation and culture maintenance. Hands-on practice on various equipments used during the test is also provided.

Advantages of the Training Program:

The microbiology training is beneficial to those who want to work as a microbiologist or make their career in the food, pharma, cosmetic and various related industries.

Advanced Microbiology Training

  • Introduction to Good Laboratory Practices
  • Basics of Calculations; Buffers and Reagent Preparation
  • Various Media (Solid/Liquid) preparation and Its Sterilization
  • Various methods of Inoculation of Cultures( Streaking, spreading)
  • Microbial Enumeration (TAMC and TCYM)
  • Antimicrobial Susceptibility test( Kirby-Bauer test)
  • Isolation and Culturing of microbes from Soil, Water, Air Samples
  • Isolation of pure bacterial colonies from mixed population
  • Identification of microorganisms by Biochemical testing
  • Various staining techniques
  • CFU ( Colony Forming Unit) Count
  • Pyrogen Testing
  • Sterility test
  • Bacterial Motility Test
  • Water portability or MPN test

Features: Practical training + Certification


B.Sc/M.Sc students, industry professionals and faculty members in the field of Biotechnology, Medical sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Life Science, Pharmaceutical sciences, Forensic Sciences, Food Sciences, chemical sciences and related subject area are eligible for microbiology training with us.

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