Rmak Solutions offers live instructor-led iOS classes in the required language. On-site, live, in-person iPhone and iPad tuition for groups and individuals are provided on-site at Rmak Solutions by an iOS expert. Consider taking advantage of regularly scheduled iOS lessons delivered by a live instructor that you can access from the convenience of your own home or business.

What Are You Going to Learn?

  • Overview of iOS
  • Using Xcode 
  • Objective-C Language Fundamentals 
  • Flow Control, Loops, Functions, and Main 
  • Heap, Stack, Pointers, and the Preprocessor 
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C 
  • Objective-C Methods and ARC 
  • Using Xcode to Build iOS Single View Applications 
  • MVC Architectures 
  • Protocols/Delegates, Notifications, and KVC/KVO 
  • Forms, Views, and View Control

The goal of this hands-on workshop is to teach participants about iOS application creation for iPhone and iPad devices and provide them with hands-on experience. In this workshop, attendees will grasp the essentials of iOS development, including how to install the Xcode editor and navigate the Apple approval process. An introduction to the Objective-C programming language is provided, followed by hands-on activities that explain how it interacts with hardware devices.

For data entry and display in hands-on tasks, students will use built-in data views and custom screens created by the instructor. It is expected that students would learn to follow Apple’s design principles to create simple interfaces displayed on several devices and screens.

The course discusses scheduled background execution, which allows code to be executed even when the app is not in use and how to design notifications to draw the user’s attention back to the app when the app is inactive.

Throughout the course, extensive hands-on activities reinforce learning and aid in the development of actual expertise. Using Objective-C, students will create apps from the ground up that will demonstrate Objective-C features and serve as a primer for developing apps for the App Store.

What Are the Benefits of Taking an iOS Application Development Course?

As there are around 2 million apps accessible in the App Store and hundreds of billions of downloads each year, the market for iOS developers has been growing steadily for several years.

1. There is a growing demand for iOS developers in the market

2. A raise in salary

3. The programming language used by Apple is easier to learn than other programming languages

4. The tools for creating iOS applications are more complex than those for producing Android applications

5. Unbelievable sense of belonging and opportunity We cannot neglect the fact, every other human on the Earth is holding a mobile phone in their hands. And, we cannot neglect the amazing features one gets in the iPhone which straightaway increases the demand for iOS apps. This ultimately makes one make a string decision to opt for iOS app development courses.