Biotechnology Training

Biotechnology sector is a very broad and dynamic sector in which biological cells or cellular components are exploited to develop new products of research, food, agriculture and therapeutic importance.
Biotechnology industries give huge importance to the highly skilled workforce. Most of the biotech students fail to satisfy the skill requirement of these industries due to their lack of application of knowledge. Center of training and skill development (CTSD), Chandigarh started a Biotech Industrial Training program to provide 4 weeks industrial training to fresh B.Sc/B.Tech/ M.Sc./M.Tech biotechnology students.

CTSD training program is a combination of theoretical knowledge as well as practical and industrial training. Here Students get the chance to work alongside industry experts in a real-life environment.

The training program is a combination of pharmaceutical and microbiology training, specially designed to inculcate practical skills, research aptitude and good work culture among the students through well planned, properly executed training, enhancing their career opportunities in industries engaged in Research and development, quality control, production & manufacturing.

Biotechnology Training Module

The Biotech training program module consists of two parts and is a combination of pharmaceutical and microbiology training.

Part I

Part II


B.Sc/M.Sc students, industry professionals and faculty members in the field of Biotechnology, Medical sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Life Science, Pharmaceutical sciences, Forensic Sciences, Food Sciences and related subject area are eligible for industrial training with us.

Features: Theoretical +Practical+ Industrial training+ Certification