It is a matter of responsibility to be able to mould someone’s professional career and hone his or her aptitude to realizing one’s dream. And once that is achieved, it is a matter of great celebration.

We take all efforts to mentor and groom our students and candidates as per the current industrial requirements and place them as per their potential and skills required for the suitable job.

We offer comprehensive guidance and consultancy to our students – not only educating them, but also mentoring them towards a future, a choice that they would be proud of. A substantial and sincere career is a rewarding one, and we instill these values along with the skills and aptitude it takes to get there.

Increased competitiveness and highly mobile carriers in the everlasting global market place are examples of factors that made enhancing skills and experiences among undergraduates a necessity .Employees kills and experiences are also major factors emphasize by the employer due to the facts that the duration and cost to train an experienced staff is cheaper than hiring a new, inexperienced staff.

Apart from fostering good relationship amongst university and industries, students also benefited from the exposure to the most up-to-date information in an increasingly competitive world of technology.
Comparing to traditional industry, the pharmaceutical industries working environment are more stringent and highly regulated .This is essential to maintain high standard production of modern drugs. Keeping this in Mind , Various students’ skills and knowledge is enhanced during this programme which includes leadership skills, teamwork ability, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, communication skills, problem solving ability, skills in handling or applying standard software, acquires in-depth knowledge in area of study, ability translating theories into practical activities and enthusiasm in learning new knowledge.